Tribute to ABBA

availablefornyeAn absolutely true illusion of the swedish legend was formed in the year 1999 and goes on until today.

Many times proven show will take you to journey to yesterday, to the time of the amazing harmony and stunning vocal performance.


The high-level illusion of the biggest swedish legend, was formed in 1999. It was founded by Helen and Doni Dokupel. A particular coincidence is that Helen and Doni alias Frida and Benny are also real-life spouses.

Their first success was not long in coming. After only a short time found themselves in Spain, they traveled throughout the south-west coast of Europe. From 2000 to 2005 they traveled and toured continuously abroad. This touring was interrupted by the desire for a family. They have returned back again to the concert stages after two years.

The basic quartet is supplemented by the bass guitar player and the drummer which makes the band to perform without any backing tracks, being completely live production. Six people singing on the stage, full vocal performance, perfect choreography in authentic costumes will make even greater impression of the concert. They have been recreating the magic of ABBA concerts throughout Europe in Mallorca, Andalúcia, the Canary Islands, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary and worldwide. More than half a million spectators at over two thousand concerts enjoyed the unique atmosphere of their production.

The band is currently represented all over the world. Many times proven world show will take you to this wonderful, magical journey to yesterday.

From a commercial perspective, there are several arguments that play in our favor:

  • more than 15 years, more than 2 000 concerts, more than 500 000 viewers
  • oversight of the legal protection of copyright by the original production of ABBA
  • excellent dramaturgy based on a credible presence and perfect choreography in authentic costumes
  • fully live musical accompaniment without any supporting backing tracks
  • full vocal performance in the form of six voice harmony
  • speaking Slovak, English or Spanish

To the smallest detail elaborated two-hour scenario, next to the songs themselves, offer a varied range of emotions, presenting several periods in the form of costumes, sometimes situational humor, great atmosphere and unforgettable experience.
The program is designed exclusively for the organizers of sponsored concerts.


The audiovisual faithful copy of the swedish legend and dynamic built the structure of the dramaturgy guarantee that no one will sit during this amazing two-hour performance. Show full of memorable, well known hits will make any audience to dance and sing.
The program is suitable for festival and concert stage, public events, and as a highlight for any event.

Where the lights go out and the amplifiers are turned off there the real art can be found. Thanks to acoustic instruments you will experience a fantastic atmosphere in which you will not miss any detail. Do not miss a unique and extraordinary artistic experience!
The program is suitable for formal events, conferences, theater and garden concerts, television and radio and TV talk shows.

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